Mediterranean cuisine is popular enough to inspire amazing projects. These Mediterranean food-themed online casino games are the perfect proof that Mediterranean cuisine and online gambling can be a great concept.

Crazy Pizza

Although Crazy Pizza isn’t necessarily themed after Mediterranean cuisine, it has a lot of great gambling elements related to Mediterranean food. This 3-reel slot machine features playful vegetable icons that can give you amazing bonuses once you put them together.

Get matching combos to unlock new icons and see how these vegetable icons turn into a vegetable soup.

Fruit Salad

We all know fruit is important for Mediterranean cuisine, as it is one of the main parts of the Mediterranean diet. However, fruit salad is not only a Mediterranean dish, but it’s also a progressive slot machine game.

Spin cherries, watermelons, lemons, apples, and bananas while you set bars in a row to get the best bonuses.

Lucky Cherry

Lucky Cherry is a video slot machine game that serves as a perfect example of how a classic gambling game should be made. Lucky Cherry keeps its gameplay simple but also introduces new elements that are now possible thanks to the advances of video slot machines.


FanCASHtic pays homage to the classic “fruit-like” slot machines from classic casinos with its overall, catchy Mediterranean design. Besides the bad pun, FanCASHTic is a slot machine that offers 4×4 gameplay and random spins bonuses.

Mediterranean food has reached new levels of popularity with these Mediterranean-themed casino games, as now everyone can learn a little more about it while gambling. Check to access to all of the games listed above.