scorpionchef about - AboutSince 2009, Scorpion Chef has become the ideal website for Mediterranean cuisine. Be part of our community and enjoy all the services that Scorpion Chef has to offer.

Scorpion Chef is a professional website devoted to Mediterranean food. Find great reviews of famous restaurants and learn what their best features are. If you enjoy learning about delicious plates and reading about great restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine on their menu, then Scorpion Chef is the website for you.

Unless you’ve heard about Mediterranean cuisine before, you’ll know how Mediterranean dishes are known to be a culinary milestone. Mediterranean dishes are known to be delicious; they have flavorful characteristics that make them stand out from the rest besides being made with healthy ingredients.

In Scorpion Chef, you can find all the information you’ll need about Mediterranean cuisine. Learn about the best events related to Mediterranean cuisine, or any professional culinary event that may take place in your city.

Although most of the content made for Scorpion Chef are restaurant reviews, we also have a catering service. Bring Mediterranean food to your workplace or family event by contacting us.

Share a delicious meal with your family or friends and have a blast while you enjoy the best dishes that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.

The catering services and reviews are what make Scorpion Chef stand out from the rest of the cooking websites. However, if you want to learn how to cook the best Mediterranean dishes, then you should be part of our cooking classes.

Our beginner’s classes are perfect for those chefs who want to add exotic and delicious dishes to their menu. Reading about Mediterranean cuisine is fun, but for those who want something more, we highly suggest learning how to cook Mediterranean food with us.