Mediterranean cuisine is known for using olive oil and grapes as main ingredients. The Mediterranean triad of olive oil, grapes, and wheat made Mediterranean cuisine attractive around the world.

Nowadays, thousands of people around the world attend gastronomic events focused on Mediterranean cuisine.

The Torribera Mediterranean Centeris one of the biggest advocates of this diet, taking the task of teaching and displaying Mediterranean cuisine through gastronomic events. If you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, then you should check out these gastronomic events of the year.

Mediterranean Diet: Your Health, Your Plate — Conference

Mediterranean cuisine is known for being healthy, as most of the ingredients are rich in fibre, preventing health issues related to blood sugar, and help you get a healthy weight. The Mediterranean Diet: Your Health, Your Plate conference is the ideal place to be, as you’ll learn every secret and benefit behind Mediterranean cuisine.

TMC On Mediterranean Diet andHealth

Hosted in the School of Medicine, the Torribera Mediterranean Center is a place dedicated to culinary innovations made possible by the University of Barcelona.This event tells us a little more about the importance of healthy nutrition and how to avoid health issues by following the Mediterranean diet.

TMC On Mediterranean Diet andHealth ​–Bellvitge

Yet another event made by the TMC, but this time instead of focusing on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, we explore the delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Learn the best recipes of Mediterranean cuisine and share with your friends a meal made entirely of Mediterranean ingredients.

TMC Industry Leadership Conference

If you are a professional chef or a foodservice professional and want to learn about the importance of Mediterranean cuisine, then this conference is the right event for you. Chefs of the Mediterranean region will teach everything you need to know about itand how to take advantage of it, as it’s one of the healthiest, sustainable, and delicious diets of all.

TMC Industry Series

TMC industry series is a panel made by culinary professionals from the Torribera Mediterranean Center in collaboration with the University of Barcelona. Learn the opinion of professional chefs from the Mediterranean region and be part of an open discussion about the importance of the Mediterranean diet.

These events are a great way to learn more about Mediterranean cuisine and its importance in the culinary world. Learn more about Mediterranean food, events, and even courses, with Scorpion Chef. We’re waiting for you.

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